Copyright Policy

As a part of our ongoing discussion about the insight of, today we will be discussing about copyright and cookies policy. These terms are actually very much important when it comes to any web content especially for the content management sites. Please go through the article here to get used to with the copyright and cookies policy of our site.

Copyright Issue

We value our customer so much and we believe that copyright issues should be explained properly to them. So for all our viewers, we would like to say that all the content published in and the contents which will be publishing by us in near future do not violate any copyright issue. So the contents here are copy and plagiarism free.

At the same time all the information, article and contents which are being published in our site are the asset of and the authority holds all the right of it. So copying these documents or taking some portion from it without permission will violate copyright law. If it happens then the authority will have all the right to take legal and necessary action against those who are doing these evil practices.

Cookies Policy

We follow Cookies Policy which are approved by the authority concerned of web world and cookies are used especially for the purposes stated below.

  • To optimize the use of the site among the visitors
  • To reach out the visitor and provide them with content they are looking for
  • To analyze site’s statistics based on the people vising here
  • Usage of session cookies are limited as these are removed from the logs if the user closes the browser
  • Persistent cookies stay for a long and they are used so that browser can remember site address
  • Cookies supported by Google Analytics like UTMA, UTMB, UTMC etc are used here
  • User can easily stop usages of cookies anytime he/ she wants

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