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First of all thanks a lot to visit our site. Before starting the discussion we would like to tell you that the topic today will mainly contain the privacy and policy terms of our website. Privacy and Policy are actually among the most important terms in web world especially when it comes to content management and somewhat like this. Today here we will be discussing the terms and policy of our website It should be noted that all the privacy policy taken by us are following the rules and regulations of search engines and web world. du 7 college bd therefore follows all the privacy terms her mentioned and has all the rights to take necessary actions if any other entity violates that.

Collection of Information

Information collection is something which is actually the key to reach to the readers. We assess our readers time to time and try to provide most needed information by preparing specific content. For that we never intend to get through your personal information without your concern. We use cookies, web beacons and other technology just to render you needed information. Therefore, it can be said that does not use, sell or manipulate any personal information of readers without the consent of them.

Security Issues

We take proper management and follow HTTP protocols in a good manner so that data security is ensured and our users or readers do not face any sort of threat. Beside that our site does not promote any violent or regressive ads or malicious virus/malware or similar to that. We also follow data encryption Technic so that we can guarantee that it is safe from using and also from hacking as well.


We try to make best use of cookies and it is done following the rules and regulations of web cookies. Web cookies is used to make sure that relevant content is sent to you based on your interest and also for the advertisement, voting and comment purposes on our website. However, the reader still has the right to stop the use of cookies.

Use of Google Analytics

To analyze our visitors and search behavior, we make best use of google analytics. We analyze the daily report of the analytics software and based on that we try to prepare our topics which might serve the interest of our readers. This tool is actually the prior thing based on what the search analysis is done here.

External Links

We try to provide all the necessary external links related to a content. Therefore we believe in providing all necessary helps to our readers and also to build up good bonding with other content publisher.

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