Terms and Condition

Likewise every other web based services, content management is also done following some rules on which special terms and conditions are applied. We, the member of https://du7collegebd.com also employed some terms and conditions based on what our whole proceedings of work is done. Today we will be knowing about the terms and condition of our site to know more related to the service provided by us. A brief discussion on du7collegebd.com terms and condition have been added therefore and we hold all the rights to bring changes and also to take actions related to that. Please read carefully the following things based on what the terms and conditions are applicable.

Description of Services Provided

du7collegebd.com is indeed a site which operates in the field of content management. To be very specific we actually prepare content related to latest job circulars in Bangladesh and examinations and results. We provide all the latest information and also try to provide solutions, advance information and guideline to prepare for any job exam or public/private exam. To do that we depend completely on the circular provided by authority concerns and therefore du7collegebd.com does not hold any responsibility whether the information or rules mentioned on these circulars are maintained properly.

Linking to Other Sites

du7collegebd.com tries to provide you with all the necessary details and sometimes linking of external websites is needed for completing the application process of a job or result and also to know more details. In that case we just provide the links related to the topic and will not be responsible about the credibility and safety after visiting these links.

Government Law

It should be stated clearly that we follow the rules and laws provided by Bangladesh Government. No harmful content or link and anything that provoke unlawful activities are not shared by us and thus vising our site will surely cause no problem.

Termination of Service

du7collegebd.com is not bound to provide its service for a certain period of time. So the service provided by the site can be postponed or even terminated any time we want. Therefore, we hold all the right to terminate the service any time.

Further Changes

Any changes related to site structure and content is totally lawful here and we can bring it any time. However, if the site changes its focus area of contents then the visitors will be informed at least 30 days before that.

To know more related to terms and conditions and other policies of our site https://du7collegebd.com, please visit us.

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